Panda 19'' Desktop Video Magnifier

Stone elektronske lupe Panda

See Simpler, Live Easier Is there any really easy-to-use electronic magnifier with clear large image, full page magnification, and right size for my house but within my budget? Desktop video magnifier Panda offers more than that.

- Panda 19’’ Desktop Video Magnifier: 1290 EUR + PDV (ako se placa)
u Srbiji u dinarima, za Evropske zemlje u EUR.

3 buttons for 3 frequently-used functions

Only 3 big and intuitive buttons are designed for 3 frequently used functions, magnification change, color modes change, and brightness adjustment. So no matter who use it, grandparents or young children, it is really easy to control it from beginning. There is definitely no complex learning or training process. 

Black and white, compact design

High contrast black and white appearance, especially keyboard is apparent for visual impaired users to reach and operate in different positions and environments. Especially designed for simplicity and convenience, Panda has no redundant decoration and is for plug and read. 

Zoomax Desktop Video Magnifier Panda Moveable Screen

Reasonable size for apartment or office

According to the professional investigation and communication with many end-users, desktop magnifier with 19’’ screen and 19.5’’ XY table will be a more desirable choice to view pictures or read documents in full page at apartment and office.  Panda satisfies the requirement of reading in large and clear image, but occupies less space. 

Affordable desktop video magnifier

With the excellent features,  the Panda is designed  for most visual impaired people to easily read books, do housework, deal with documents and do what people like to do.

Panda Specifications 

Camera: Auto focus 
Magnification: 2x – 70x 
Screen 19’’ LCD 
17 color modes:
Favorite color modes: Full color + 4 favorite color modes
Functions: Zoom in/out; Switch color mode; Adjust brightness; Save last setting

Working height

( from camera to XY table):

Net weight:  17.6kg